Friday, January 27, 2017

Process of Getting An Aadhar Card in Sikkim

Sikkim is one of those states of India that is endowed with beautiful Himalayas, the greenery and a lot more. In fact many people refer it to as the Kashmir of the North East. Well, that just speaks a lot about the beauty of the state of Sikkim. Amidst all this beauty involved, there is no doubt of the fact that e-Aadhaar card is one such document that should belong to every individuals of India.
What happens generally in the North Eastern states is that people think that it is very difficult to get something from the Central Government to these far lands in North East. But this is not the same. In fact, the Central Government and the state government of Sikkim have opened up many e-Aadhaar Card enrollment centers so that many people can come up and get their own Adhaar Card.

Get E-Aadhaar in Sikkim State:-

Getting an e-Aadhaar Card is not at all a difficult job. In fact in the modern era that we live in it is in fact quite a simple thing to do. You can always visit the official website of e-Aadhaar Card Government of India and fill up the forms online that are required for applying for an Aadhaar Card. Once done, you can take a print out ,for the same and attach it to a personal identification proof and an address proof and submit it to the officer in charge at the Adhaar card enrollment centre.
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On the other hand, you can always go up to the Aadhaar Card enrollment centre manually fill up the forms. On successful submission of the application form, you will have to take out a photograph of yours, your finger print and your iris scan for the adhaar card. After doing these, only it can be stated that you have successfully submitted your e-Aadhaar Card application form.

Step by step process of getting e-Aadhaar UIDAI in Sikkim

After you have successfully submitted the form, the Government of India will start verifying all the documents and the information that you have submitted. This process of verification usually takes up to 15 days. On successful verification, you will be sent an SMS on the registered mobile number. Once you receive an SMS, only then you can retrieve your Aadhaar UIDAI online. Here is the step by step process of getting your own e-Aadhaar UIDAI in Sikkim.
  1. Log on to the official website (Click Here).
  2. Once done, you will see a form that you will have to fill out.
  3. The form will ask for information like your E-Aadhaar Card enrollment number, your full name, your registered address pin code and your registered mobile number.
  4. After this you will have to enter the captcha and an One Time Password will be sent across t o the registered mobile address.
  5. Now, enter the OTP to retrieve your Aadhaar UIDAI.
Now, when you have your e-Aadhaar UIDAI, wait for about three week to get your Aadhaar Card directly in hand. It generally takes that much for it to reach the registered address.

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