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How to Apply for New Adhar Card in Bihar- Step By Step Procedure

Aadhar Card is one of the primary documents that certify you as an Indian Citizen. Thus, it certainly becomes very important to get your own Aadhar Card done. The Adhar Card can is accepted by most Government departments all across India as well as in many private sectors as your main identification document.
Adhar card in Bihar

In case, you do not have an Adhar Card, then it is high time that you get an Aadhar card soon. Now, the question is, How to get Aadhar Card in Bihar, if you live there? Well, it not that difficult to get an Aadhar Card in Bihar. There are a few documents that are required for an e-aadhar.

How to get Adhar in Bihar State:

Well, in order to get your Aadhar Card in your City in Bihar State, firstly, you will have to get enrolled for Aadhar Card. The process of getting enrolled for the Aadhar Card is very easy. You will be required to go to the nearest Aadhar Card enrollment center and fill up the three required forms.
You can save yourself quite some time, if you fill the forms online and take a print out of the same with you. Apart from the forms, you will have to provide a personal identification document along with an address proof that will determine that you are a citizen of India.
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Once these are done, at the enrolment centre, your photograph, fingerprint and iris scan will be taken. It is advised that you check all the details that are a part of your form carefully before submitting. Once the form has been submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement document.
The government of India will now verify your documents and on successful verification your Aadhaar card number will be generated. You will get a SMS on the registered mobile number once your Aadhaar number is generated.

Step by step process of Aadhar Application in Bihar:

In case you want to get your Aadhar number, first thing that you will have to do is get yourself enrolled for the Aadhaar Card. Once done, you just got to wait till you receive an SMS for the same on your registered mobile number. At this point, you can get your Adhar number at ease by logging on to the official website of Aadhar Card.

Follow these simple Step by step process of Application:

  1. In order to get your own Aadhaar UIDAI right at your home, log on to the official website.
  2. Enter your enrollment number correctly.
  3. Your full name and address as in the documents submitted by you during the enrollment.
  4. Enter the captcha and then put in the registered mobile number.
  5. Now you will have to generate an One time password, which will be sent to the registered mobile address.
  6. Now all you need to do is enter the OTP and you will have your Aadhar Card.
Now when you already have your Aadhar number, and then just wait for the Government to send you the actual card. Till then relax and enjoy the fact that you have successfully enrolled for an Aadhar card.

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