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Simple Procedure and Guide to Get Aadhar Card in Haryana- Apply for Adhar in Gurgaon/Chandigarh City

How to get aadhar in Haryana/Chandigarh?
Application process is not very different as UIDAI, signifies every Indian citizen is equal and carries the same identity for a match. But there are still different methods to enrol for aadhar card in your own domicile vs some other state that you are working in. As per government rules, you have to apply using all the documents and have to take an appointment for the same.
In case you are a busy person, you will have to take time to get an aadhar card for yourself, or struggle to keep up with the great pace of digital India. It is a wagon driving fast and you either get on now or miss the rocket.

How to get aadhar in your town, city, village in Haryana State?
Steps to be Followed are exactly as per UIDAI official guidelines, do not try to be over smart and do your own thing – it is a government matter and rejection can only stall you from all the benefits provided by the government.
Current new state government in Haryana has also made it mandatory and aadhar card is needed in all state job applications as well as to enrol in any entrance examination for it. If you are at the interview stage and you do not have an UIDAI, trust me on this, you will be on the downside.
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These things unify us and the kind of background check needed is done via the aadhar team assures the employing department of your identity. It is up to you to get this identification done. We will give you simple steps of applying for aadhar card in Haryana or Chandigarh wherever you reside.
If the enrolment centre is too far away from your village, town – try to take out time and visit the city for this. You will always be thanking the government later for it is showering copious offerings on the Indian citizens.
Coming to the step by step process of getting your own aadhar UIDAI in Haryana:
  1. Registration or Enrolment: Each district of Haryana has more than 2-3 enrolment centres both in rural as well as urban setting. You can go and register for your aadhar card in Haryana at any of these.
  2. Submit your documents to aadhar card officials get your photograph and finger prints done.
  3. Then you will have successfully enrolled for your own aadhar UIDAI in Haryana
These are quick and fast steps to get your own aadhar number. If you are staying in a place which has no aadhar card centre for enrolment, travel to the district or city and enrol yourself. It will come via post and you only have to go there once. If you want to lessen the pain of travelling for your village and small town folks – try to open an Aadhar enrolment centre in your village/town. This is your way of helping Digital India and providing aadhar card to all Haryana state residents.

Good luck for your new aadhar application. Let us know if you face any issue in the comments.

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