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How to Get an Aadhar Card in Manipur- Step by Step Application Process

Aadhar was created to plug the loopholes in the system and to overthrow the problems of infiltration across borders. In Manipur, NPR is responsible for planning and implementing the UID schemes, and UIDAI is responsible for owning and operating all the UID databases as well as updating them in a regular manner.
The Aadhar card also lays the opportunity of interlinking of UID databases with partner databases and other policies related to its usage and its updates.
Aadhar cards can be used nationally as valid ID proofs and it is also useful for availing services like LPG, SIM card registrations, opening a new bank account etc. To make Aadhar card easily available to the resident of Manipur, UIDAI has 24 hours working operational website of Unique Identification Authority of India, established by the government of India.

How to get Aadhar in your City:

Adhar card has become a very integral part of a citizen’s identity. In Manipur you can easily receive your Aadhar through NPR (National Population Register), which collects the details of the local people and forwards it to UIDAI for further verification and prevent duplication.
Adhar card in Manipur

UIDAI stores them as centralized data and provides you with a 12 digit Aadhar number and an Aadhaar slip, which needs to be submitted when you will receive your Aadhar card through speed-post. It takes at least 4 to 5 weeks’ time to send you the printed UID card if all the mentioned details about you are found to be correct.
To keep yourself updated, you just need to keep visiting the homepage of UIDAI website. There are running news headlines at the bottom of the page which might help you. News and media centre is also very useful which keeps you updated about the Aadhar system and new features. Aadhar scheme of Indian government is considered to be the world’s largest National Identification process.
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Step by step process of e-Aadhar Application in Manipur:

These are the 7 easy steps to get your UID card:

  • Book an enrollment center where you can enroll yourself for an Aadhar card.
  • Reserve an appointment of an Aadhar enrollment.
  • Using UDIAI website keep a check on your Aadhar status.
  • Fill the enrollment form with correct address details and give your bio metric details i.e., fingerprint and iris scanning.
  • Receive an Aadhar number through SMS, and after 4-5 weeks you will receive your printed Aadhar card through Speed-Post.
  • Further verification of your Aadhar, mobile number, and email ID on UIDAI portal.
Hope you found this post helpful enough and able to answer all your questions and doubts on Aadhaar card and how to apply for it through UIDAI portal. Visit us again for further updates on Aadhar card and leave your queries in the comment section below.

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