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How to Apply for Aadhar Card in West Bengal- Complete Process & Aadhar Center Details

How to get aadhar in West Bengal?
The procedure to get UIDAI, aadhar card for residents of West Bengal is explained step by steps in this post. All you need is to follow them and you will get your unique identification in no time. Such is the amazing system created in the state of West Bengal by the Indian Government and UIDAI.
Aadhar card is one document that verifies your Indian citizenship, your background check for any kind of activities and is your identification for all exams, job interviews for state and central positions. It is mandatory for everyone to have their aadhar card and UID numbers.
Do not wait for them to ask you, get your docs ready and increase your chances for getting accepted. A well educated people as well as illiterates can apply for this. All you need are certain birth and address proof documents which you can get from your Municipal Corporation of your area or locality.
Apply Aadhar in West Bengal

How to get aadhar in your Town, City, and Village in West Bengal State?
Being born and brought up in city helps you as you are aware of these announcements and enrolment centres for aadhar card much faster. It is an initiative for you to get your ID. Even if you are travelling abroad or working in some other state, having your aadhar helps you in so many ways.
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Do not miss out, come for applying and registering alone, if you have to. Or, if you have shifted from West Bengal to some other place you can easily use that address and apply for aadahr card in that state. In villages the situation is a little sad, because of lack of awareness. They do not know about UIDAI, because none of them read or pick it up from news. But if you belong to village and know about it in the city, make sure you apply to your nearest centre.
Coming to the step by step process of getting your own aadhar UIDAI in West Bengal:
The step by step application and get your aadahr card process in West Bengal/Kolkata is fairly simple. Just follow this:
  1. Get your  date of birth proof and address proof ready
  2. Apply at your nearest enrolment centre in West Bengal.
  3. Go through all the process when your appointment is scheduled
  4. This includes getting your signature, photograph and finger prints entered in the UIDAI database.
  5. In few days your physical copy of aadhar card will be mailed at your given permanent address.
  6. If you need it immediately keep checking the status of your aadhar card application by the given enrolment ID. This will give you your aadhar card status and you will be able to download electronic copy of aadhar card instantly.
Follwo this step by step process and you will successfully apply for your UIDAI.
Next time you have a problem of any sort related to aadhar card, you must bookmark this site. Ask us your doubts in the comment section. We are happy to help you West Bengal residents get an aadhar card.

Thanks for reading.

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