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How to change or modify your Address in Aadhar card- Guide and Procedure

Need to Change Aadhar card Address?  If yes then you're exactly where you should be, that's what this piece is all about, I'd be showing you how to change your Aadhar Card Address  online!

Yeah you don't need to go to any physical offices in order to change your Aadhar Card Address. Of course that "is" an option though, you can totally change your aadhar card address offline too.If you want to change your Aadhar Card Address offline, you can just go to the nearest Aadhar Enrollment office, and ask them to initiate an address change procedure.

What are the Benefits of Changing Aadhar Card Address online?

You should keep in mind that changing your aadhar card address is no leisure activity, there should be a serious reason for you to change your aadhar card address, and not just for fun.

Aadhar card address change

Aadhar card Address change Guide

While you can change it offline too, but changing it offline would mean physically going to the office, debating with officers (especially in a country like India where the officers don't quite know what they're doing!), and in  worst case scenario, spending money to get it changed.
When to Change your Aadhar Card Address Online?

There are numerous scenarios where you might want to change your Aadhar card address! The most common of them are:-

  • Wrong Address provided while registering:- Yeah, in most cases, specially in areas where there are similar sounding other areas, you might mis-type an alphabet, block no. or something and hence your whole address gets changed. 
  • Printing Error:- In order for the aadhar card address to be wrong, it's not mandatory that the mistake will always be from your side. In some cases (read most) the Aadhar Card printing authority in India hires people who magically get their hands on a keyboard and hence they mistype the address despite it being correct from your side. 
  • You've shifted to some other location:- Yeah in  case you shift to some other place, either locally or to an entire new state, even then you'd need to change the address on your Aadhar Card. 
So these are the most common day-to-day scenarios when one might want to change their aadhar card addresses. 

What You'll need to change Aadhar Card Address Online:-

There are some minimum requirements, like any other Aadhar Card request which you need to fulfill before you can change your aadhar card address online.
  •  12 digit Unique Aadhar Card number. 
  •   Phone no. that's registered with the Aadhar Card. 

Steps to Change Aadhar Card Address Online:-

  1. So in order to change your aadhar card address online, click here to reach the official aadhar card portal. 
  2. Once you're there, Enter your 12 digit Unique Aadhar Card number
  3. After that, you'd need to enter your Phone no. that's registered with the Aadhar Card. This is because you'll be sent an OTP from the Aadhar Card website to verify that you're really the owner of the Aadhar Card whose details are being changed. 
  4. So once you enter the number, you'll receive the OTP on your number. Enter this OTP on the screen, and wait 1-2 seconds for the verification process to be completed. 
  5. On the next screen, you'll see multiple options, you've to select Address Change from the options. 
  6. Then it will let you type the new address. The good news is, you can use more than 20 languages in India to fill that box. So English is not mandatory. 
  7. Once you've filled your new address, you'll be asked to enter your residential proof. It's best if you can provide the same proof which you gave during the Aadhar Card enrollment. 
  8. Even if you can't provide that, there's no problem you can just upload any other kind of Address proof that's accepted by the Indian Govt. 
  9. Once you've uploaded your Address proof, you'd be given a unique URN number. This number is like the tracking ID of your shipments, yes this number can be used to track the progress of your request so save it someplace self. 
  10. Your request is completed!  

                      Final Words:-

                      So that's how you can change your Adhar Card address online in India. It's really simple, you just reach the portal > Enter your Aadhar Card number > Enter your Phone No > Verify the OTP > Click on Change Address > Enter your new address > Save the URN > Track (optional!)

                      So that's how easy it is to change aadhar card address online in India. It's definitely faster compared to the offline process, and is less confusing. Additionally as you yourself type in the new address ,the chances of the address being wrong also decreases a lot. Also you don't have to go through any physical labor in order to get your Aadhar card address changed, so I'd say it's pretty simple.

                      I hope this article helped you in guiding you on  changing your Aadhar Card address, if it did, I'd appreciate if you let us know in the commentbox.

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