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How to link Aadhar Card to your SBI bank account- Guide to Link eaadhar to Bank Account

How to link Aadhar Card with SBI bank account?  That's what this post is going to be about. By the end of this article you'll have a clear idea about how to Link your Aadhar Card with your SBI bank account.
The Aadhar Card is one of the most important documents for Indian citizens at the moment, isn't it? I've already explained a dozen times why you need an Aadhar Card.The Aadhaar Card right now helps you get a subsidy, helps you get a LPG connection, and even lets you open a bank account! If that wasn't enough, you can even get your siblings admitted into schools with Aadhar Cards in some cases.
But as always, let's start from the Basics...
What Are the Benefits of knowing How to Link Aadhar Card to SBI account:-
Well, for starters, you'll now know how to link Aadhar Card to SBI account, even if not for yourselves, but you can do it for your relatives and friends, and trust me in that circle, these small "geniuses" matter.
Apart from that, the primary reason why anyone would want to know how to link Aadhar Card to SBI bank accounts is that the Indian Govt. has recently started the LPG subsidy, right?

SBI account link with Aadhar Card

Meaning you get a major cashback of whatever you've paid for your LPG gas, to your SBI accounts! That way you can have around 60% of discount on LPG cylinders (the percentage is just an assumption!)
So linking your Aadhar Card to SBI account would help you avail that subsidy. 

Why only SBI:-

Well, there are hundreds of bank accounts in India, but the SBI is the most popular one. The reason being, other banks like HDFC need a minimum deposit of INR 5000 for the account to be opened.
Now, the LPG subsidy is for the financially weak section of the society, isn't it? How would a "financially weak" person hold an account in such high-end banks? 
That's the reason they go and open up their accounts in the SBI, because there either is no minimum deposit required, or a deposit of around 1000INR works mostly.This is the reason why SBI is the most popular bank in India and why you should link your aadhar card to your SBI account.
Documents Required to Link Aadhar Card to SBI Bank account online:-
There always are minimum requirements, right? The good news with Aadhar Card linking online is that, you don't need any physical documents. You only need Online-Banking enabled on your Bank account, which is already there by default in most cases.

Why don't I need documents:-

Well while applying for the bank account, you already proved your identity and residence, right? Additionally, you also proved it again while applying for your Aadhar Card the second time.
The documents are only asked to ensure that the real card holder is applying for the link to his real bank account.
In this case, you'll need :-
  • ·         Online Banking Enabled.
  • ·         Aadhar Card Number.

So it's simple, if it wasn't the real you, you couldn't have logged in to your Online banking account. And additionally if it wasn't the real you, you couldn't have got the Aadhar Card details, hence identity proved.
How to Link Aadhar Card to SBI bank Account online:-
There are more than one ways to do so,  the primary one being online!  And that's what I'd be showing you here. (Although my next article will be on how to link aadhar card to bank account offline! So keep a look out!)

In order to link your Aadhar Card to your Bank account online:-
  • ·         Login to your bank account online.
  • ·         Find the option that has this written on it "Link Aadhar Card Number".
  • ·         Enter the details of your Aadhar Card. (This is a verification process to verify that you're the real holder of the card!)
  • ·         An OTP would be sent to your registered Mobile number, this is to verify that you're the real card holder. Enter the OTP on the screen.
  • ·         Once the OTP is verified, your aadhar card would be linked to your SBI bank account.

Final Words:-
So that's how simple and easy it is to Link Aadhar Card to SBI bank account online! Although there's an offline method too, which I'll discuss in my next article.The benefit with the online method is that there's no going to the office, no hassle, no documents required. Everything is done digitally.
Anyway I hope this piece helped, if it did I'd appreciate if you let us know in the comments. You can even leave a comment if something isn't working, I'd help you fix it.
And if everything went smooth, you  just linked your Aadhar Card to your bank account, didn't I? Don't you think we deserve a small share from your side for that? That's all we ask for.

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