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How To Change or Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card- Complete Process Explained

These last couple days I've been writing a lot about Aadhar Card. So another post on the same series is, How to Change or Update Aadhar Card Phone number Online.

This article will show you how you can change your phone number registered with Aadhar Card online. But before that, as my tradition goes, let's get into a bit of basics.

What is Registered Aadhar Card Phone Number:-

In case you're getting confused, this number is not some kind of number that has been registered on the name of "aadhar card". It's the number which was used by you while registering for your Aadhar Card. The Cell phone number is registered on your own name. The Aadhar Card team does not hold any rights over the number or you, it's just a simple connection between you and your aadhar Card.

It's primarily used as a security check. A security check that verifies:-
That you're the owner of that Sim Card.
You're a human being. Yeah it sounds absurd, but "human" check is a major issue on the Internet.

So those are the two primary reasons of you having to register your number with Aadhar Card registrations.

What's the Importance of Registering Your Number with Aadhar Card:-

Yeah you might argue that you're already providing them with your identity proof and other details, so why the number.The number is not just an identity verification. It's also a Fail-safe. It's used as a "OTP" receiver, whenever there's a major change on your Aadhar Card. For eg. if you checkout our other posts on How to check Aadhar Card Status, or how to change Aadhar Card Address, you'd notice that an OTP (One-time password) is always sent to your registered number.

This number verifies that you're the same person who registered for that Aadhar card, and hence are the authorized guy to change the details.Without this number, they wouldn't be able to send you an OTP, and hence you wouldn't be able to change your details.

Why /When Should you Change Aadhar Card Registered Phone Number:-

If the Aadhar Card registered mobile number is so damn important, why would anybody want to change it, right?

Well there are reasons for it, and it might happen to anyone.You might have lost your number, if that happens, you wouldn't be able to change any of your Aadhar Card details, and that's bad, so that's a scenario when you might want to change your Aadhar Card Registered mobile number. Or, you might have shared your Sim Card with someone else, even then you might have to change your Aadhar card registered mobile number.

Change Mobile No in Aadhar 

Another scenario that might happen is, you're going to just change your number for certain reasons.
So whatever be the point, it's not possible for you to just change your number and not change the aadhar card details, it can be disastrous in that situation.So it's a must for you to change your Aadhar Card details if you're changing your number, whatever the reason might be.

How to Change/Update Aadhar Card Registered Phone Number:-

Details Required to Change/Update Aadhar Card mobile Number:
Old/Registered mobile number.
Aadhar Card number.

Steps To be Follow for Changing Mobile Number in Adhar Card:

  • So okay, head over to the Official Aadhar Card Website.
  • Enter your Aadhar Card number.
  • After that, verify the captcha to prove that you're a human being! 
  • Then hit the "SEND OTP" button. This would send you a 6 digit code on the currently registered mobile number.
  • Enter that code on the screen.
  • Now there's an "update' option, this lets you choose what you want to update. Just select "mobile number" from there.
  • Enter the new mobile number you want to use.
  • Click "submit Update request".
  • Then on the next screen, again enter the number, the new number which you want to use in future. This is a confirmation that you've used the number correctly both the times.

Once you do that, just click proceed! Your number is now saved. It would take some time for the Aadhar Card details to be updated, but now you can receive OTP's on your new number.

Final Words:-

So that was it folks, on How to change/update your Mobile number registered with your Aadhar Cards. I do understand that it's an extremely important step and process, so you've to be careful while doing it. Also try not to change your aadhar card mobile number unless it's an extreme necessity. It's something that can block access to your Aadhar Card if used unwisely, hence the part about being careful.
Just make sure that you've your old aadhar card registered mobile with you at the time of changing the details, because you'll receive an OTP while changing it. I do hope this piece helped, if it did, I'd love to see your feedback in the comments section. Also if you're stuck somewhere, you can use the commentbox, I'll help you out.
And if everything went smoothly, do show your love by hitting the share button, it won't hurt!

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