Monday, October 5, 2015

Importance and Uses Aadhar Card - Significance Of UID Card for Resident People of India

The government of India has taken up the initiative to establish a single identification method of its citizens. Like in developed countries where the social security number gives every detail of that citizen to the government India is also attempting to establish an identification method by which every citizen is registered under the country and the government has the exact count of the number of people in the country. This is why aadhaar card has been started and it is made free to every citizen so that each one can obtain it easily.


The government has realized the importance of a unique identification number much like social security numbers in the United States of America. This number is a onetime number provided to the citizens irrespective of their social background, their caste, creed or religion. It is an auto generated 12 digit number given to each citizen to keep track of the population and migration status in the country. For this they have set up the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India).
The UIDAI will take each citizens finger print, retina scan, photograph and address proof to generate this number and give it exclusively to the individual. This initiative not only ensures that all of us have a fixed record with the government but it also ensure security and ensures no outsiders with ill will are allowed to roam around without this number.

The government is on the verge of making this a mandatory document to have for all citizens and they have also thought about linking it to gas agencies to provide gas cylinders to customers.
This step also gives the government a fixed record of its citizens and calculation of population and GDP and other statistics becomes easier and faster.


Aadharcard is free of cost for all its citizens. No amount of money is charged for the procurement of aadhaar card by anybody. If anybody asks for money and says that it is a mandatory charge, that person is lying and you should immediately contact the UIDAI.


Any citizen of the country, living in India or is a Non Residential Indian is eligible for applying for aadhaar card. There is no barrier whatsoever when you are applying for an aadhaar card. Social background, financial background, caste, creed or religion is not taken into account when you are applying for an aadhaar card.

For applying you need to go through the registration process first. Here the UIDAI will first take your finger print, retina scan, and photograph and address proof and give you a receipt with a 14 digit number. Your card may arrive to you by post or you may download it from the website www.eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in. Here in the website you have to through a form filling process and then your card will be available to you for download.

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