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How to Link Your Aadhar Card no. to Your Bank Account. - Aadhar Card Seeding With Bank Account Guide

How to link aadhar to your bank account?
The most significant advantage of having your aadhar card is that you will never have to worry about your identity and verifying yourself. In matters of state and the centre you will always be cross checked by your details in UIDAI. It is also advised to link your aadhar to your bank account so that you are an aware citizen of India and can get cash from various schemes by the Government of India. Yes, there is a step by step process to link your aadhar card to your bank account. This will sync your identity with your main bank account in any Bank across India.

Why link your aadhar card and its Benefits?
Looking for a good reason to link your aadhar with your bank account? Let me give you 3 reasons:
  1. Enjoy different subsidies like LPG, faster verifications and no need of Affidavit
  2. Long term benefits include your pensions post government job, insurances and other covers
  3. All those invested in Atal Pension Yojna must have aadhar card linked

Link Aadhaar Card with Bank account.

How to link aadhar to your bank account? [Step by Step Process]
Cutting the long story short, we know you have finally figured out linking your aadhar card to banking sector is mandatory and sort of a pre-requisite for many things.
Note: There are many ways to link aadhar card to your bank.  Check what suits you and follow the steps. It is quite easy and you can be done with it within few minutes.
Ways to link aadhar card to your Bank/NetBanking:
  1. Link aadhar card by going to the Bank [Offline]
  2. Link aadhar card via SMS or Website [Online/Virtual]

Offline Method:
Submitting documents by hand to your bank and telling them about you’re newly created UIDAI, verifying it by showing them your enrolment and UIDAI. This is the simplest way to do so. You can even call your bank relationship manager to do this on your behalf and send all the documents across via your assistant.
There is one road block in case you are dealing with a foreign bank and they are still not on board with this national service. Please verify this by calling them first.
  1. Fill the Aadhar linkage form you get from your LPG subsidy vendor
  2. Add your bank details, name correctly
  3. Go to the bank with original UIDAI and a Photostat copy of it
  4. Give these to the officer and voila, your aadhar card and bank account will be linked in no time.

Online Method:
Easier method for folks with NetBanking and see Link your aadhar option after they login to their respective bank accounts. This is the best online method on how to link your aadhar with bank account, because SMS facility is still not prominent.
  1. Update aadhar card details and linking option always comes if your bank supports this
  2. Post login to your NetBanking you will see this
  3. Fill the form that comes, asking you for your UIDAI, aadhar card number and rest of the details
  4. There will be a small verification done by banking professionals and you will soon get a notification of the update.

In conclusion, you have successfully linked your aadhar card with your bank account by following this process. Cheers.

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