Monday, October 5, 2015

How to Find Your City's Pin Code- Process Of Getting Your Pin Code on site If it's not there

This article is for those on whose aadhar card portal they do not have the pin code mentioned on that. The pin codes are different for the different cities. It is done so that the place can be easily identified and also for the delivery of the goods at that place on time. You might have noticed that the pin code is required by us all whenever we send anything to anyone, the post office people or the courier company definitely asks for the pin code. 
It is very useful for them as it helps them to locate the place. It gets their work done in short time and they do not have sit for hours segregating the stuff there. UIDAI which is unique identification authority of India was set up in the year 2009 by the government of India. This body provides with you an aadhar card which has a 12 digit unique number which is different for all of us and acts as an identity proof for us as well. 
This was done so that equality can be maintained all over the country. Anybody can get it as there is no discrimination.  It acts as your address proof, age proof and also has a lot of uses in terms of helping you with various official works. Anybody who is above the age of 5 years can have it. On the aadhar card portal, all of you can see all of the pin codes on that portal. But in some cases it might also happen that the pin code of your area is not to be found on that portal. 

In case, if you face such an issue, then you can easily get in touch with the people of the aadhar card enrolment center. The aadhar card centers can make changes in the pin code portal, they have been given this liberty by the unique identification authority of India. And once you tell them, they will make the changes and also add the pin code of your area there.

You can also very easily make the aadhar card. The process is not at all tedious. By just logging onto their official website, one can do that. The process is user friendly and no prior knowledge is required. Even finding an aadhar card center is also very easy, that can also be done by logging into their website. You just have to fill the form. 
There are two ways of getting the form, you can either download it from the website or you can get it from the center. Fill the form and you will also have to submit the photocopy of your documents. They will verify everything. They will give you a date when you have to go and get your documents verified with the original documents. And rest of the procedure will also get completed. After you are done with all this, you will get the aadhar card at your home. 

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