Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How to Find Aadhar Card Application Center in Your Area- Procedure to Find Aadhar Center of Your Ward

Aadhar Card has now become an important document. Also getting an aadhar card is also an easy process. You have to just fill up a form and then submit all the required documents that you have and then you can get your aadhar card. The aadhar is a 12 digit number that is unique for each one us, that means no one can tamper the details that are there on your aadhar card. 

It has got nothing to do with your caste, religion and many other factors. It can be made by anyone and it does not bias on any factor. This acts as your identity proof, address proof and also your age proof and it will be with you for a lifetime. Our Indian government is also trying to make efforts by making it compulsory for all of us. And most important thing is that you do not have to pay anything for getting an aadhar card

Most people have this misconception that you will be charged for an aadhar card, but it is not so. It is absolutely free of cost. Anybody can apply for it, be it an NRI or any migrant. But, what if you do not know any aadhar card center near your place ? We all want comfort and we all look for ways where we can get our job easily done. 

For registering an aadhar card, you need to first know a center that is near to your residence. You all must be paying electricity bill or maybe a phone, for that you just go online to their website and pay the respective bill and that makes your job more easier. In the same UIDAI which is Unique Identification Authority of India, a body made by the government, this body has setup different aadhar card centers at various locations all over the country. 

This makes your job even more easier. And you do not have travel more and more to get at the place for registering yourself. If you want to know the nearest aadhar card center at your place, you will have to do that visit their official website and then you can find the aadhar card center that is nearest to your place. Aadhar card centers are available in all such places like that of Rajasthan, Tripura, Gujarat, Bihar, Jharkhand and many more for your convenience. 

What you will have to do is first you will have to type the name of your state in that and then after that you will also have to type the name of the city respected to that state and you will get a dropdown list where the names of the areas will be mentioned where you can get to know your aadhar card center. The area that you think is nearest to you, you will have to click on that and then you can get access to the address of that area. 

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