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How to Download Duplicate Aadhar Card- Easily Download Duplicate Card Of Your Aadhar Online

Need to know how to download Aadhar card online? That's exactly what I'll be showing over to you in this piece.  But before that, let's get into some basics. What exactly is the E-aadhar card, and why would you want to download E-aadhar Card online? 

Well if you're on this piece and reading it, I already know couple things about you. First that you've enrolled for the aadhar Card process, and second that you're in desperate need of the aadhar Card.

So let me solve that for you.

What is the e-aadhar Card?

Yeah the very first question bugging your mind up would probably be, what is the e-aadhar card, right? I mean the aadhar card is a paper-printer card, so what exactly is the "E" card? The E here, symbolizes "electronic," like in most cases. It means the kind of aadhar card you can download from YOUR end much before the physical aadhar card reaches your location.
Is it Illegal? Nope! Not at all. It's just the digital version of your real aadhar card. 

Why Would You Want to Download the E-aadhar Card online?

The E-aadhar Card has more than one benefit. First of all, it's a confirmation that your Aadhar Card has been successfully issued, only then the E(digital) copy of the card is available, right? And secondly, you can use this E-aadhar Card at almost any location/place/office where the aadhar card is required. Meaning, till the time the physical copy arrives, this card serves as a real copy.  So that's reason enough for you to want to download the E-Aadhar Card Online, right? 

Do you have to Pay to Download E-aadhar Card?

Duplicate Aadhaar Card Copy

The Govt. of India is taking special care as far as the Aadhar Cards are concerned, and hence the service is totally free for you!

Meaning you don't have to pay anyone anything to get a copy of your E-aadhar card.

What Will you Need to Download the E-aadhar Card:-

The two basic information required everytime you want to do anything with your aadhar card digitally are:-
  • Your Aadhar Card Enrollment Number (this you can find on the slip that was generated and handed over to you while applying for the Aadhar Card)
  • The Date of application (you better remember it, or refer to the slip again.)
  • Your Pin-Code (Location).
  • Cell Phone Number.

Step-by-Step method to Download E-Aadhar Card Online:-

To download the E-aadhar Card online, you'd need to head over to the official UIDAI website.

  • Once you're there, you'd be asked to enter the information we mentioned above. i.e.,. the Enrollment number and the Date of application, so enter them. (And make sure to double-check the info, wrong info would result in error!)
  • After that, you'd be asked to enter your location Pin-code. Which you probably already know, in case you don't, just Google "Your area, state, Pincode." (Replace "your area" and "state" with your respective details).
  • Enter the Captcha text in the box; this is to verify that you're a human being and not a bot. 
  • Once that's done, you'll be taken to a page where you'll be asked to enter your Cell Phone Number and Enrollment Number (again!).
  • You will receive an OTP on your mobile device. This is to verify that the real card-holder is trying to generate the E-aadhar card and not some other scammer. So once you receive the OTP with the code on your cell, enter that exact number on the screen.
  • Once the PIN is verified, your E-aadhar card will be generated, and you're done! Just download it simply and start using it! 

Scenario 2:-

In some cases, the situation might be a bit different, so let me help you out with that. When you enter your Enrollment Number and Date, you might get an error.
The two most common errors are:-
  • ID provided by you is not available. Please check back after few days
  • Your Aadhaar enrollment has failed. Your Aadhaar number could not be generated due to a data/process error in your enrollment. Please re-enroll yourself at the nearest enrollment center.
Now these two errors have two specific meanings, which you need to understand if you want to solve the problem.

So in case you're getting the Error #1 while generating your Aadhar Card, that means that your Aadhar has not yet been generated, it might be because the documents have not yet reached the head-office. In this case, the best bet for you is to wait couple more days.

In the other case, however, if you're seeing the Error #2, that means something went wrong with your registration.

Either there is a documents related problem, physical delay or something else. There's no fixed solution to this problem, so the best bet? Visit your Enrollment Center, and show them the error. They'll verify and let you know what has happened.

You might be asked to re-register, but that's not an issue as long as the problem gets solved, right?

Final Words on How to Download E-Aadhar Card Online:-

So that was all I had on downloading E-aadhar card online folks! I'm sure I might have solved your problems regarding the issue, right?

If there are some other methods to achieve the goal, I'd love to hear them out in the comments. Also, do let me know how the process goes on your end.

So go along and download E-aadhar Card right now! 

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