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How to Apply a New UID Card in Tamil Language- Use UIDAI official Site in Tamil For local People Convenience

Tamil is the regional language of the state Tamil Nadu and people of Tamil Nadu also can apply for Aadhaar card registration and in their own language. Aadhaar card is an identification card provided by the Indian Government in order to identify every resident of the country. The sixth highest populated and the third most developed state in India, Tamil Nadu people can apply for the Aadhaar card online in their own local language that is in Tamil, which is one of the longest surviving languages in the world.

Aadhaar card is a 12 digit number given by the Government to all the residents of India from the age of one. Unlike the voter ID card, Aadhaar card has no limitation on age and is applicable to all. However, children below five years old are linked to their parents or guardian Aadhaar card. Children may have to appear for another card when they turn five years and 15 years of age as the biometrics will change until the age of 15. Aadhaar card is a unique identification card issued by the Government and cannot be misused by anyone as it records the eye scan and fingerprints. There are no two people who have similar eye and finger prints. Hence a person can be easily identified with these prints scan.

People of Tamil Nadu can apply online for registering or enrolling their name for the Aadhaar card and the application form is also available in the Tamil language making it easier for everyone to apply for the same. Although the entire process of applying for the card until receiving it is not an online process, few of the things can be done online to avoid long queue and can be less time consumption.

Applying for Aadhaar Card in Tamil

Ø  To apply for Aadhaar card in Tamil, applicants can download the application form in a PDF format from the official website or with this link https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxyVr_mqiyb-Q18wVVFWbVlvQkk/edit.
Ø  Find out a nearest Aadhaar center to your house. If have no idea where it is, it can be searched through the official website https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/easearch.aspx.
Ø  The application form can also be downloaded from the Aadhaar card website https://uidai.gov.in/. In the website at the top right hand corner change the language drop down menu to Tamil.
Ø  The page will be changes according to the language settings and will be shown in Tamil. Select the site map on the bottom of the page which might be read as “talam varaipatam”
Ø  Select forms from the downloads which will be read as “pativirakkankal” in Tamil.
Ø  Click on the download option in the right side of the form. The application form will be downloaded in the PDF format.
Ø  Take a print of the application form, fill in all the details with black ink. After filling all the details, the form has to submitted for an appointment in the nearby center. You can also take an appointment from the online website.
Ø  Applicant has to be present on the allotted date and time along with all the necessary documents for verification. Originals should be carried with the xerox copies as well for cross verification while submitting the duplicate copies.
Ø  A photo will be taken at the time of registration and there is no need to take a photo with documents. Fingerprints and eye scanning will also be done on the spot.

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