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How To Apply for a New UID Card in Punjab- Step by Step Procedure For People in Punjab/Chandigarh

How to get aadhar in Punjab/Chandigarh?
Get aadhar card in Punjab/Chandigarh in 3 easy steps. Follow our simple guide to apply and enrol for aadhar card in your state of Punjab, and you will not have to look anywhere else. We give you all the info regarding documents, whom to contact and how to get your UIDAI easily.
Once called the land of five rivers, the state of Punjab is not the same state anymore in this new age. But Punjabis will always be the same – fearless, ahead of the curve and hearty. The people in mandi and villages are primarily farmers and shopkeepers. Many of them may not be aware about the internet boom but they will still welcome your with a smile and big glass of Lassi, anytime you visit them as a guest. Government of Punjab has seen a lot of turmoil and its citizens have suffered, but without Punjab, there can never be India.

How to get aadhar in your Mandi, Town, City, and Village in Punjab State?

Chandigarh is the central hub for Punjab and Punjabis. But you do not have to travel to the UT far away to get your aadhar card UIDAI made. It is a simple process with a few pre-requisites. You need to look for an enrolment centre which is either in your own area or near to it. Take your entire family with documents of prior identification to get the family enrolled. But what if there is no aadhar card enrolment centre in your Pind? No need to worry just follow the steps and you can find it in no time.

Get Adhar card in Punjab

Coming to the step by step process of getting your own aadhar UIDAI in Punjab:
  1. Where is my enrolment centre?
Fortunately every district in Punjab and hundreds of villages have their very own aadhar enrolment centres. If you are still not unable to find it nearby, go to any major district and start the aadhar registration process.

  1. What documents I need?
Simple, carry your birth and address proof and walk in to any aadhar centre across Punjab. But just choose the one that is closer to home. It is simple to start aadhar card application in Punjab.

  1. Aadhar card Enrolment and Registration in Punjab
Once you have discovered your aadhar centre, it is easy. You just visit them and follow the standard protocol they tell you to. You will get the aadhar card ID and physical copy via post.

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No matter how much problems plague Punjab, it will find its way to glory. Same is the case with Punjabis getting their own UIDAI, it might take a while to reach the centre in another town or village, but all help the other as their own kin and get things done faster. This is the spirit of India you only see in this State.
Still confused? No problem. Write your query in comment section and we will guide your better. Need a local expert who can speak Punjabi? Contact them on toll free number for aadhar card enrolment.

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