Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fake Aadhar Card In India- News and Case of Some Fake Aadhar Card in order of Security Breech

Till now in every article of ours, we have been telling that the misuse or reuse pf Aadhar card is not possible but to the utter surprise of UIA or Unique Identification Authority, a fake aadhar card reached the post office in September 2014. This card was delivered to the post office of Sikar district of Rajasthan which is situated in the North of the state. 

This Adhaar Card was registered against the name of Bhagwan Hanuman - ji. Pawan ji was the name of the father that was listed in the card. This created a great havoc as nobody had no idea on how this was created or made in India. The police officials tracked the mobile number that was given on the enrollment form in order to reach the individual with this fake identity. 

It was later discovered that a computer operator with the name of Vikas Kumar was behind all this act. In his justification, the man tried to convince the officials by saying that he tried getting the Aadhar card for at least three to four times but his finger prints was not taken by the concerned scanning machine found at the Aadhar card centre, therefore, he applied for this card using the name as Bhagwan ji and in communication details he gave his mobile number and address. Further, he did not accept the admit card that was sent to his home address through the post and ultimately this Aahar card was sent back to the officials.

Following are the incidences that proved that a fake Aadhar card was made in other parts also.

a) Fake Aadhar Card made in Kanpur:

In the June month of the year 2014, a raid was organized by the police which swiped out four people in Akbarpur area of Kanpur district while in the march month of the same year, many Aadhar card project officers were caught on a hidden camera in a Cobra-post sting operation.

b) For the citizens of other countries such as Bangladesh and Nepal:
A couple of officers were caught when they offered to forge the documents to the citizens of Nepal and Bangladesh who were not having the proof of Indian residence to make the Aadhar card.in addition to this, it was found that the fake proofs of identity and residence were provided at a cost of Rs.250 to Rs. 5000.and the Aadhar card was issued to them without any biometric records. This means that the most important part of scanning the finger print and retina of the person were not done.

These are just a few cases but in real, there were many bigger rackets that include such an act of faking the Aadhar card in the country to those who are not the residents. It should be noted strictly that making a fake Aadhar card is a crime and a punishable and offensive crime under the law of India.

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