Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How to Update Your Aadhar Card via Post - Modified Details and Get a New Aadhar at home.

One can also do this process online as well. There are options for correction of name, address, phone number, gender and date of birth. And in case you want to do this offline, that is by sending  them a post, you can also do that. You will just have to download a form, that is called as the update/correction form from an option called as the aadhar card changes via post. And you will be able to make the changes very easily. 

After you are done with the downloading of the form, you will have to first of all sign out, and then you will have to take a print out of the form and then you will also have to fill that. All the details that you have for your aadhar card like that of your name, phone number, address, gender and date of birth, all this can be updated by you through a portal which is called as the online self service update portal. 

You can do that on your own through this service. In case, you want to make any more changes, you can simply go to the center and make the respective changes. In case you do not know the center, you can find one by just logging into their official website and do that.

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When you want to update the aadhar card, you will also have to submit some of the documents to them. Make sure that the documents that you submit are self attested and the part that you want to update/ change has to be highlighted so that there is no confusion and they are able to do it easily. In case you want to update your name, you will be required to given them a document supporting your name so that they can make the respective change. 

The same thing has to be done for other updates that you want to make like that of your date of birth, you will have to provide the original date of birth certificate to them and the same also goes for in case you want to change your address. You will need an address for the same to get updated. All of your documents should have your aadhar number written over it in bold and clear letters. 

It should be easily visible. And also you will have to sign on all the documents that you give. For all those kids who are below the age of 5 years, all the process has to be done by their parents. They will provide their documents in that case.

For getting it updated via the post, you will have to fill an aadhar card change request form and also keep ready all your documents and put all this in an envelope and over that make sure that you have mentioned Aadhaar Update on it. And then you will have to send it to the Aadhaar Card center.

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