Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How to make Aadhar Card Correction Online- Changing the pre-entered details and correct them.

Aadhar card is issued to us by the UIDAI which unique identification authority of India. This is the body that manages everything that is related to the aadhar card. The model of this is based on a social security system that is from United States of America. And it also functions the same way it does in United States of America. This documents holds a lot of importance and it also provides one with an identity proof and also helps them get a lot of work done. The document is unique as it also has the biometric on it which is different for each one of us.

This article is for all those who have made a mistake in their aadhar card while filling their address or there is a change in your address. We all tend to make some mistakes, but you should not worry as this mistake can be rectified easily. So you can do that in two ways, by visiting the aadhar center yourself or by applying online for the change in the address. 

If you do not know about the center, you can find one by just visiting their official website and getting it rectified. They follow a process by which you can get your mistakes rectified or you can make some changes in your aadhar card. 

There could be a lot of reasons because of which want to change the address in their aadhar card, it could be because you might have got married, or you might have made a mistake while you were filling the form on your own or also it could happen that the mistake by the officials when they finally made the aadhar card. All this can be taken care of if you have the right documents with you.

For making the changes, just follow the steps given below. First of all login to the official website of the Aadhaar Card Online update portal and you will have to use your aadhar number as you have to make changes there. You will also have to submit the aadhar card with your changed address or send them a request of aadhar card address change online itself. 

You will also be required to provide them with the requisite documents that show the change in the address . That has to be provided in the form of soft copy. Only then they can make changes in your aadhar card. The request for the change that you submit to them has to be in English language and in the local language. 

Once you are done with all these steps, you will be provided with an number which will be your aadhar card update request number. Keep that number safely with you as it will help you to track the process of your aadhar card. After this, the officials will verify everything and if everything matches, then only you will be able to get your updated aadhar card. 

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