Saturday, September 26, 2015

How to download Aadhar Card application form in Hindi- Complete Procedure Guide

The Indian Government is always working for the benefits of the people. And for that matter only, they have launched a body called as the Unique Identification Authority of India called as the UIDAI. This is an agency started by the government. It is located in New Delhi. And this organization is responsible for the issuing and also all the work related to the e aadhar card which is also called as the Unique Identification Numbers. 
India is so diverse and a lot of people from different are also its part, so to given all of them a unique identity is the responsibility of the government. For that matter, they have started this Aadhar card so that each one of us can be given a unique number. All the work that goes in the issuing, maintaining or any other work related to the Aadhar card is taken care by this organization only. 
This not only provides you with an identity but it also gives you an address proof and it is something that is valid in all the parts of India as it is issued by the government. It has numerous benefits that will help us now and also in our future as well. 
The card is very unique, no one can use your card or no one can do any fraudulent stuff with your card. This is because of the advantage it has over others with respect to the biometric system. The biometric is different and unique for each and every individual. 
As we all know, that India is very diverse and also a number of languages are spoken, so the official website also has this benefit of translating the language, and that too in 13 different languages. So, here also we will provide you with the steps that will help you with the process and you will be able to do it very easily and on your own by just following the steps.

The first task that you will have to do is to find a aadhar card centre near the place you live. A lot of centres are there in India spread over many regions and it is also very easy to find one in that case. 
If you are not able to find one, go to the official website and do that as there is a lot of information available there regarding the centres. After you have opened the site, on the left hand side you will find an option of language which you will have to click on and then select the language that you want to. 
Now go to the site map at the bottom of the page and you will see a number of headings and sub headings and then click on downloads, and then you will be able to see forms and you have to click on that. Fill it, get it verified and then you will receive the aadhar card within a  month.

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