Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How to Apply for a new Aadhar Card for NRI Citizen- A Complete Procedure Guide

 Having an identity of your own has become very important in today’s world. And Aadhar Card does the same function of providing us with an identity. Aadhar card has become a very important document now- a- days. The process of getting an aadhar card has also become very easy. One can get aadhar card by just registering themselves and submitting the documents that are required by the aadhar card center. 

It does not matter whether you are an NRI or a foreigner, you will also be needing an aadhar card at each and every step of your life. So aadhar card plays a very important role. It can now also be used as a proof of address and age as well. And you can make use of the facilities that are offered to us by the government. We need an identity proof wherever we go. 

And Aadhaar Card can be made for all those who are above the age of one. It does not discriminate anyone on the basis of caste, creed and religion. Anybody sitting in any part of the country can get an aadhar card. It also keeps in mind that everybody is given equal opportunity for everything. 

No one can do anything with your aadhar card as biometric is involved and that is unique for all of us. The process is also the same for all the NRI and Foreigner as that is for the residents of our India.

As you all know, the centers for aadhar card are spread across the whole country and anybody can get the aadhar card. You just need to visit their official website and from there you are able to locate the center that is nearest to your residence. 

As you get to know the center, you can visit the center and get your application form. The form is free of cost. Or you can also download the form online. If you download it online, it will save you a lot of time. After downloading the form, you will have to take a print out of the same and later you will also have to fill it. 

Make sure that the details you enter are correct enough and you should cross check each and every detail and make sure it is all correct. Remember to fill the form with a black ink. You are also required to submit a couple of documents with your application. These documents will act as your proof. 

You can submit the following documents like that of the driving license, PAN card, and passport and many other documents that show your address and date of birth on that. As soon as you fill the application form and submit it to them, they will give you a date and you will have to visit the office on that date and complete the rest of the process. And after that, you will gt your aadhar card. 

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