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How to Apply for an Aadhar Card Online - Step By Step Procedure Guide

How to apply for an aadhar card online?

One of the options to get you a valid identification is UID, aadhar card. The best bit about Digital India and our changing country has been applying aadhar card online. You can be anywhere in the country, you can easily apply for your UID online.
Aadhar card is an important document that every Indian must have. If you still do not know how to apply for an aadhar card, let us teach you an easy way how to do it sitting online right now.

Important Points to know before applying for an Aadhar Card Online
  1. It is absolutely free to enrol for aadhar card online
  2. Just enrolment is not enough to get your aadhar card
  3. You have to be actively involved in adding details, verifying your information and downloading it
  4. Applying online is encouraged only if you do not find an enrolment centre near your place of residence.
  5. It may take a while before you receive your copy of aadhar card. So, being patient and checking status of UID online is recommended.

Apply for aadhar online

This is a step by step tutorial that teaches you how to apply for an aadhar card online. So, keep focussed and read on. We give you all the steps from applying to checking status and getting it downloaded and verified on the UID portal online.

  1. Enrolment Online

  • Go to weenrol.uidai.gov.in
  • Launch an enrolment request by adding a Captcha Code, your state name and clicking on verify and proceed.
  • Please note: Only domiciles of Andhara Pradesh, Chandigarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Goa, Kerala, Punjab, Puducherry and Telangana are currently eligible for application of aadhar card online. If you are from any other states in India – you have to look for an enrolment centre location offline.

  1. Aadhar Card Online Appointment
If the first option does not work for you, since you reside in any other state – go for applying and scheduling appointment for aadhar card online. This will require you to fill a form and get an appointment to the nearest enrolment centre. You have to get your eye scans, picture and finger scans there. This makes your aadhar card application very easy. Verification of documents and taking of picture is done in person by UIDAI officials.

  1. Checking Aadhar card Status Online
You leave the enrolment centre with an Enrolment ID. In order to avoid visiting the centre again and again, you can easily check aadhar card status online. You will get to know if your aadhar card online is approved or not.

  1. Download Aadhar
This step is for those who got their aadhar card approved. You can download an electronic copy immediately. As the physical copy of aadhar card comes in post and takes a few days.
See, how easy it was to apply, enrol and get your aadhar card.
We hope that this tutorial teaching how to apply for an aadhar card online will help you. We will answer your queries in the comment section too.

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