Saturday, September 26, 2015

Download Aadhar Card Application Form for the Resident of Maharashtra or Mumbai City- Download form In Marathi.

UIDAI which is Unique Identification Authority of India is a government agency. It is responsible to provide citizens with a 12 digit unique number called as the aadhar card number. It is for all the states of India. It provides the residents with a unique identity. And also gives them an address proof. 
India is a country comprising of 29 states, which are unique in each and every way. They have different languages, caste, creed, religion and that makes it necessary to provide them with a unique identity and that is why the aadhar card comes in force. 
It is different for each and every person and nobody can play with it and make false claims and there can be no fraudulent stuff happening with respect to the aadhar card.
Unique Identification Authority of India has its official website for all the people who want to make an aadhar card for themselves. The advantage of having this website is that for the benefit of the people who speak different languages, the website can be translated into 13 different languages. 

It is one of the most important documents that we all have. It is made for all the citizens of this country. The people can also check the status of their aadhar card easily and one can also download their aadhar card on their phone, laptop with the help of their email id. One can also download the form in the language that they want. 
This is feature of the same for all those people who do not know language beyond that of their mother tougue. The registration of the aadhar card has become very easy for all of us. The process has gone online and since then one can register for the same as and when they want to. So, we here will tell you the steps you need to follow to get yourself registered for the same.

You will first have to locate the aadhar card centre that is near to your house. You can easily do that as it is easy to find one. And, you can log in to their official website, on the left hand side of the home page, you will find an option of language there, you have to click on that and choose the language that you want to. 
Below that, on the same page, look for the site map and you will get to see a number of headings and sub headings, where you will have to click on downloads. You will see forms, click on it and you will get the form, fill it and also provide your documents. You will be given a date where the rest of the process will take placing. 
You will also have to submit the form on that day. After all this is done, they will give you one enrolment number by which you can also check your status and after that you will get you aadhar card at your home.

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