Thursday, September 24, 2015

Download Aadhar Card Application Form for Citizen of Karnataka State – UID Form in Kannada Language

India is a democratic country. People from different religions, caste, and race are a part of it. It has accepted people from all regions and all creed and made them feel its own. Now, one can also download aadhar card in kannada. It is of pdf format. And the form in this language is also free for all. 
People here in India speak different languages and one of them is Kannada. So, it becomes necessary to give each one of us a Unique Identification Number. So the authority which is Unique Identification Authority takes care of this and works for this. There is a process through which one can register for the Aadhar Card. 
The best part of this that it has been translated into 13 languages for the ease of the customers. The Unique Identification Authority has an official website of its own. One can also search for the office of the same. These Aadhar Card centers are located very near to the houses and are almost in every region for the convenience of the customers. One can easily locate the centers at their own ease.
Next step that we all have to do is to download the form for the same. That can be simply done by just going to their site. The site is www.uidai.gov.in. After you have done this, you will be seeing the home page, on this page, go to the left side of the page and you will find an option of language there. 
Now you will have to click on that. After clicking, you will see a list of languages. Among the list, you will have to select Kannada. After you have selected language, you will have to go to the bottom of the page and select the site map which is there. 
After you are done with this step, there you will see a lot of headings and sub – headings. Now you will have to click on downloads. Below this, you will see a lot of forms, now you will have to click on this, after doing that you will be taken to a page that will let you download forms. Download the form. 

And now you will have to fill is carefully. Make sure that the details that you enter are correct and true to your knowledge. As soon as you are done with the filling up of the form, a process called verification will take place and then you will be given a date by them to you. 
This is done by them so that the next process of biometrics and photograph recording is done properly. If you want to fix the date, you can do that on your own, you just have to do that online by visiting their site or you can do that online. After you are done with all this, you will be given an enrollment number, and after that within one month you will get the aadhar card at your home.

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